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Roda news.

About half a year ago roda started the “Digital Base” project to be prepared for requests like communication interfaces and complex behaviors.

Now we are proud to tell you we are ready for digital projects. The target of the development was the definition of hardware including a microcontroller with ARM® Cortex® core, creating and testing the prototype.

An important part of software is the bootloader to allow in field firmware updates by CAN / USB. 
By completing the development, it´s now possible to offer interfaces like CAN / USB / RS232 etc. in various products. With this, more complex and individual behaviors can be realized compared to analog techniques.

Different kinds of interfaces in hard- and software can be handled:

Shortcut Full Name Additional Info
I / O In / Out Digital Input and Output Signals
ADC Analog Digital Converter Analog In (e.g. 0-10 V)
DAC Digital Analog Converter Analog Out (e.g 0-10 V)
I²C Inter-Integrated Circuit >Seriel Bus for e.g. Sensors, Memory, …
SPI Serial Peripheral Interface Seriel Bus for e.g.Sensors, Memory, …
UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter Serial Bus for e.g. RS232, RS485, …
CAN Controller Area Network Serial Bus for CAN Communication
USB Universal Serial Bus Serial Bus for USB Communication (as Device)

The CAN and USB interface is working as a service interface, too.
It´s possible to program a PC based GUI and connecting via CAN / USB to the product.

The customer will receive an encrypted data package and a generated key.

By using the Windows tool “r.p. Flasher” the device can be easily flashed by the customer via CAN / USB interface of the device.

Applications of the digital base:

  • Hardware button / analog signals to serial interfaces / IT
  • Reading information from a serial interface and show on a display unit
  • Converting from one Interface to another