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roda computer grows despite Corona Crisis

Lichtenau, Germany, 17. September 2020 – roda computer remains on track for growth even in the corona crisis and creates new, highly qualified jobs and will reach the projected revenue record.

roda grows

roda is growing despite the Corona crisis

Since 2016, the yearly growth in average was 10% per year. To secure this growth trend, new highly qualified jobs were created. The roda team has enlarged both at the headquarters in Lichtenau and at the Hüllhorst site. Within the year the roda team was expanded by three engineers in the electrical engineering area, two commercial employees in the fulfilment area, one human resources manager, three production employees and two trainees.

With this growth roda is strengthening its position for the future. With its solid base roda is resistant to the corona crises that have affected many companies since the beginning of the year. Following the motto: When the going gets tough, roda is tougher.

To secure further growth, roda invests in highly qualified employees and internal test equipment and is constantly expanding its product portfolio with robust network and communication technology as well as high-performance servers and UPSs to become a reliable system provider.

Current developments are aimed at meeting new international standards such as GVA/NGVA, in order to be able to meet future requirements that arise from projects such as ‘Digital LBO’, ‘Foxtrott’ and ‘Land400’. Further roda starts an Android offensive to meet the market of extremely robust small Android devices for the last mile.