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The 17“ of the roda Lizard® notebook series

roda computer, the strong partner for rugged IT solutions and power supplies, is launching the high-performance and rugged Lizard® RB14.

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With the 17.3" display with maximum resolution Full HD (1920x1080) roda presents with the Lizard® RB14 an unique solution in the rugged IT defense sector. The Lizard® RB14 with its powerful platform is a responsive and highly reliable mobile server in an extremely compact laptop format. At present, there is no ruggedized notebook that combines this performance and functional diversity in an extremely compact design that offers a wide range of options for customer-specific adaptations and solutions. That way roda remains true to its customization philosophy and offers the integration of different MIL - cards and special interface cards via the reserved interfaces.

The outstanding performance features such as the Intel® Xeon® processor of the E-Series, a DDR4 memory of up to 64GB and four SSD hard disks that can be configured in different RAID settings provide ideal IT agility, flexibility and scalability.

A dedicated graphics card nVIDIA®Geforce® GTX1050 (4GB) is optionally available, with which, for example, georeferenced applications requiring intensive computing, such as highly dynamic position displays of command and control systems, can be displayed virtually in real time.

The robust RB14 laptop finds its applications in many different areas. The ergonomic size of the display can be used especially for displaying situation images, maps and satellites in the battlefield, IETD (Interactive Technical Documentation) as well as in the area of training and simulation. With its 17” display an external display can often be replaced.

As an additional option, roda's own designed AC150 power supply can be equipped with MIL-STD 810, MIL-STD 461 and IP65 protection to withstand operation in extreme environments. The tempest versions according to the zone model zone 0, zone 1 and zone 2 as well as SDIP Level A and B are in preparation.

The high-performance and rugged roda Lizard® RB14 in 17" format is now available for ordering.