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roda computer GmbH
Landstraße 6
77839 Lichtenau/Germany
Phone: +49 7227 / 9579-0
Fax:   +49 7227 / 9579-20
E-Mail: info(at)roda.de
Internet: www.roda-computer.com

roda computer GmbH
Registered office of the company is Lichtenau
Registered office: District court (local court Mannheim, HR B 210974)
Managing Director / CEO: Martin Bertsch, Frank Scholz, Siegbert Wortmann

Data Protection Officer:

Olaf Tenti
Gesellschaft für Datenschutz und Informationssicherheit mbH
Fleyer Str. 61
58097 Hagen/Germany

Tel.: + 49 2331 / 35 68 32 - 0
E-Mail: tenti(at)gdi-mbh.eu

roda computer GmbH retains all rights, including those pertaining to photocopying, duplication and dissemination by special procedures (such as data processing, data carriers, data networks), including parts thereof. roda computer GmbH assumes no warrantee of any typesetting errors, or the correctness of the statements.

Internet conditions
The Internet functions as a decentralized collection of networks that permits the intermediate storage and transmission of temporary data. There is, therefore, no guarantee of the exclusion of manipulation or unintentional mistakes, and no guarantee of the exclusive use of current data (for example, an old version in cache memory) on the path from the supplier to the user. Given these system-related limitations, we therefore note the following:

You are receiving this information under the conditions provided by the Internet. We can hence assume no warrantee of the correctness of the information and the correspondence with the original data.