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Network switches

full-rugged network solutions

8-port 10/100 Base-T switch

SJT, unmanaged, MBit

Technical specifications


  • 8 ports 10/100-BaseT
    each equipped with an input and output
    All port inputs and outputs are galvanically
    Supports standard-compliant protocols in accordance with
    IEEE 802.3


  • Ports: Sockets SJT RT 8-35 S014
  • Power supply connector SJT00RT-08-98PN014
  • Grounding bolt M 8x30

Power supply

  • 9 V DC to 36 V DC in accordance with VG 96916 T5 or MIL-STD-1275
  • Internal EMC filter for spike suppression
  • Operating indicator via green LED

Power consumption

  • max. 5 W


  • Material: A1Mg3, milled
    closed, watertight design according to IP65
    Chromated and lacquered (pearl-white or green)
  • Screen printing:
    • black at RAL 9013 painted housing
    • lemon-yellow at RAL 6031HR painted housing

  • Connector cover: X8 + X9


  • <1.1 kg


  • 194 mm x 100 mm x 60 mm


  • Port status display via LEDs,
    arranged through the port connectors
  • Data traffic present – green flashes (red can be selected)
  • Full-duplex (LED on), half-duplex (LED off)
  • Data transfer rate 100 MB (LED on), 10 MB (LED off)g