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Use your strengths

and let us take care of the rest
Whenever others bury their heads in the sand,

we're here to help.
We keep working.

Even if things get chilly.
We keep working.

Even if the weather is bad.
Rugged server systems

Mobile in the field or in the vehicle
Ultra compact and mobile hardware

For the infantryman of the future

When the going gets tough,

roda gets tougher.

Anyone who works outdoors knows that you sometimes just have to keep going. In these situations, the reliability of your equipment is paramount.

This is exactly why we at roda have been working  on the continuous optimisation of full-rugged information technology for applications in defence for 30 years. Information technology that is strong enough to weather and withstand all environmental influences when needed. We are a leading provider of "ruggedised" IT solutions, with products ranging from tablets, Notebooks, and displays to mobile server solutions, switches, power supplies, and vehicle systems.

We do everything we can to make sure you get the best possible product. Of course, it can happen that our standard solution no longer fully meets your needs. That's why we offer the opportunity of customising our products to your ideas, or even developing them exactly to meet your demands. We listen very carefully to your requirements and offer comprehensive advise on all matters. roda stands by your side – as the reliable partner you need to focus on the essentials.

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The Scherzheim-based company roda computer has concluded a framework agreement with the Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use…

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MSPO 2024

32th International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO

Kielce (Poland)

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Individuality in every product.

Because it simply has to fit.

Understanding the needs of customers is one thing, but being able to react competently and purposefully is another. However, this unique combination is exactly what roda manages to accomplish. Thanks to our many years of experience in defence and military, we know that there are a wide variety of applications with very diverse, sometimes highly specialised, requirements. Existing technology often fails to meet these demands at an early stage already.

That is why we at roda go beyond the standard solution as soon as our customers' applications require us to. Whether this means configuring our modular technical components or conceiving and developing new technologies, roda is your reliable partner with the necessary expertise.