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Use your strengths

and we take care of the rest
Use your strengths

and we take care of the rest

Just the way you need it in the field.


What makes roda stand out from the pack is not only the rugged information technology of our products, but also our capacity for customisation and tailor-made development. All our products have been developed with customisation in mind and can be adapted to your individual needs.

No matter what requirements the devices have to fulfil, roda will help find the perfect solution. Years of experience in defence and military technology provide us with the necessary expertise to master a wide variety of situations.

Customisation is a matter of course for us!


For us, customisation means to adapt our standard devices (laptops, tablets, and displays) to meet the exact requirements of our customers. Of course, these requirements are as diverse as our customers themselves; however, they can be divided into the following categories:

  • Integration of rugged MIL connectors instead of, or in addition to, common connectors
  • Providing additional interfaces (e.g., MilBus and CANBus)
  • Adding embedded crypto-modules
  • Modifications to ensure compliance with various MIL-STD and VG standards as well as Tempest protocols.
  • Increasing storage capacity, and much more.

We use an open product architecture to optimally meet these various requirements, with a modular system of standardised components, which we – together with the customer – adapt to specific demands. This ensures that the basic structure of our end products remains the same and that our customers can benefit from the advantages of series production, which means more economical and continuous production as well as better spare part availability and process stability.

As a result, our customers not only receive professional custom-made products, but are also guaranteed of functional devices at unbeatable conditions.


As configurable as our computers are, some very specific needs ask for solutions that cannot be met by any existing technology.

These situations require more than just real development competence, they also require creativity and speed. That is what roda stands for... and that is what roda has proven capable of in the past. From the design and construction up to the electromechanical production using company-own resources, we take full responsibility for the on-time and technically flawless realisation of every project.

However, we do not go through this process alone – our customers as well as our suppliers are an important part of our activities. We integrate them into defined reviews to verify individual development steps, jointly confirm required performance characteristics, and define the further procedure. Our flexible structures enable our customers to integrate their own processes and specifications into the process and thus actively help shape them. This is the path that has led us to success throughout our history – with great speed and maximum reliability.

Tempest ready

Electronics always automatically emit electromagnetic waves. These waves can be intercepted by unwanted parties over short distances (up to 100 m), with the appropriate equipment. The information contained therein can be read and duplicated, which is why the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) recommends the use of protected components in accordance with the Tempest Zone 1 protocol (following NATO SDIP 27 Level B (ER)).

We at roda have already for many years specialised in offering this exact protection, equipping among others the Bundeswehr with over 1,000 Rocky Notebooks. Here, too, we are dedicated to continuous further development, expanding our Zone 1-certified product range. 

Users can rest assured that their security-relevant data are not only protected by our rugged housings, but also against direct espionage.

Application examples

Panther vehicle installation
Rocky RK Series with various MIL connectors
Rocky RF Series with various MIL connectors
Rocky RK Series with modification for SDIP 27 Level A
Customised DockUnder solution for the Rocky Series
Customised MIL connectors