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rugged power supplies

AC/DC Power Supply PowerPac 1200 Dual Input

Modular power supply with DC as well as AC input

The PowerPac 1200 Dual Input device is a compact and rugged AC/DC power supply and an intelligent battery charger in one, with a rated output of 28 V/40 A with AC as well as DC input. It meets the most discerning mechanical and electrical demands on ruggedness and can handle great input voltage fluctuations. The PowerPac 1200 input current is power factor corrected (PFC) for optimal use of weak power sources such as portable generators. Its shunting switch technology allows for great power efficiency. When operated as a stand-alone unit or installed into a 19" rack system, it only takes up a height of 2U (88.9 mm/3.5").
The PowerPac 1200 comes with a RS485 port that can be used for control, monitoring, and configuration. This port can be used to access detailed status and statistical information. The signal connections offer multiple signals:
Alarm relay outputs, external battery temperature sensors, and a bus for connecting multiple devices in a redundant or parallel system. The PowerPac 1200 can be configured to charge a diverse range of battery types, such as lead-acid, NiMH, and NiCd, as well as for future battery technology on the software side. Temperature-compensated charging ensures full battery capacity throughout the temperature range. The device is protected against overvoltage, short-circuiting, overcurrent, and excess temperatures. The 12V,24V or 36V DC/DC module makes it possible to charge from two power sources. Depending on the setting, the more powerful source, e.g., a 24 V generator, 24 V battery, or the public power grid, is automatically switched on or off. If the 230 V mains is selected as the primary power source, the power-supplying 24 V battery (12V or 36V version additionally available) can also be charged moderately.

Technical specifications

Total output

  • 1200 W

AC input:
Input voltage

  • 99 - 276 VAC

AC input frequency

  • 45 - 430 Hz

Performance factor (PFC)

  • Type. 0.99 @ full load

Input current at max. load (30 V, 40 A + 14.4 V, 8 A) and 50 Hz

  • 15.5 A @ 99 V AC; 13.5 A @ 115 V AC; 7 A @ 230 V AC

Efficiency at full load

  • > 84% @ 115 V AC; > 85% @ 230 V AC

12 V DC input:
Input voltage

  • 9-16 V DC +25 V DC

Charging, 12 V DC input

  • 8 A, 3-step temperature-compensated battery charge

Input current at max load (30 V, 40 A)

  • 130 A @ 11 V DC; 109 A @ 13.2 V DC

Efficiency at full load

  • > 82% @ 13.2 V DC

28 V DC output
Nominal Vout

  • 28 V DC

Adjustable Vout

  • 20.0 - 34.0 V DC

Nominal Aout

  • 40 A

Adjustable Aout

  • 5 - 40 A

Short-circuit current

  • ≤44.0 A

Load distribution

  • Max 3 A deviation

Battery types

  • lead-acid, Lithium-ion, NiMh, NiCd

Vin regulation

  • <1.5% zero/max. load


  • (depth in rack) 220 x 390 x 133.4 mm (3U)
  • (total depth) 220 x 420 x 133.4 mm (3U)


  • 18 kg


  • any direction as well as in 19" rack

Operating temperature range

  • -40°C to +60°C

IP protection

  • IP67


  • MIL-STD 810G, MIL-STD 461F (Ground Army)