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8p FO CableDrum

unmanaged, yet rugged

The rugged cable drum with an integrated fibre switch can establish an IT connection in portable communication systems over a distance of 100 m up to 550 m. The Multimode OM 2 50/125 fibre optic cable on the drum is used to create outdoor-suitable connections and transmit communication and data signals. The power for the integrated fibre switch is supplied by an IEC socket located on the front of the drum. The fibre switch has 8 optical interfaces that can be fitted with different transmission rates (100-FX and 1000S-X). The fibre LC interfaces meet the IP65 requirements (spray water/dust) in accordance with DIN EN 60529. The cable drum is equipped with a brake to prevent unwinding during transport.

Impact-resistant plastic ensures resistance to harsh environmental influences.

General specifications

Interface cable end

  • 1x LC duplex connector IP67
  • OCC L-Jack Series RLRN121LC01A
  • Version 1+2:
    • 1000-SX, MM, 850 nm
  • Version 3:
    • 100-FX, MM, 1310 nm

Cable drum interfaces

  • Connectors:
  • LC Duplex Socket IP67
  • OCC L-Jack Series RLRD121LC01A
  • Version 1:
    • 7x 1000-SX, MM, 850 nm
  • Version 2:
    • 6x 1000-SX, MM, 850 nm
    • 1x 100-FX, MM, 1310 nm
  • Version 3:
    • 7x 100-FX, MM, 1310 nm
    • 1x IEC socket 250 V AC, 16 A
    • 2x GBit RJ45 connectors on cable drum

Options cable length

  • Standard 100 m (-0/+1%)
  • Optional up to 500 m on request

Cable type

  • Multimode OM2 50/125 field cable,
  • black, D-002CAST5KM-M
  • Tensile load:


  • Cable drum brake,
  • Velcro tape for cable fixation

Voltage input

  • 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Power input

  • 25 W


  • IP65 / IP54 (power socket)

Temperature range

  • -40°C to +75°C (operating)


  • impact-resistant plastic
  • Handle and mould: Hostalen GC7260
  • Drum: Makrolon 2805


  • black


  • 445 x 555 x 275 mm


  • approx. 10 kg