Mobile Server Mission System

Modular server system based on Lizard RW series

RW11/14 Power Module

Power Module for Lizard® RW Mobile Server Mission Systems

The RW Power Module is the logical extension of the Lizard® RW11 Mobile Server Mission System, building on the same design footprint. The two versions are available with one AC and one DC wide range input or with one single AC wide range input. The DC outputs, which are identical for both versions, can be used to power up to two mission modules (e.g., switches) and a Lizard® RW notebook via military DC connectors. An internal back-up battery detects power failures and briefly bypasses them in order to complete important applications on the laptop. If there is no power supply, the power module gently and precisely shuts down the notebook via the RS232 interface.

Because it is coupled via the patented mounting and holding system, the power module can be connected to the Lizard®RW and the associated switches perfectly with a maximum overall weight of 16 kg for rapid reaction forces and special forces that need to rely on quickly deployable and highly available rugged IT.


AC input

  • 110-230 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz

DC input

  • 18 - 32Vdc
  • Surge and spike resistance for 28 V DC systems according to MIL-STD 1275
  • Polarity reversal protection
  • VG96916 Part 5

DC Output

  • 3 x 19 VDC
  • 135 W (nominal)

 Internal UPS

  • Minimum 20 minutes buffer @135W (up to 2x RW11 battery with 6900 mAh)
  • batteries exchangeable

LED Indicators

  • 1x LED for AC IN
  • 1x LED for DC IN (only if selected DC version)
  • 1x LED for battery UPS charging or full
  • 1x LED status UPS (operating/blinks in UPS mode)


  • 1x DC in (18-32 V DC)
  • 1x AC in (90~264 V AC)
  • 3x 19 V DC out 
    • 2x 19 V DC for mission module
    • 1x 19 V DC for RW11/14

Product safety

  • CE, EN 60950-1

IP protection

  • IP65

EMV properties

  • CE, VG95373, NATO SDIP 27 Level B (ER) Zone 1,
  • Designed to meet MIL-STD 810 and MIL STD 461


  • AluMG3, milled, passivated, and powder-coated


  • RAL6031HR

Dimensions (H X W X D)

  • 382 x 277 x 70 mm


  • 6,8 kg