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rugged input devices

IP54 keyboard with card reader

Ruggedised keyboard with card reader

The IP54 keyboard from roda emulates a full 101/102-key keyboard, in spite of its 89-key layout. With its sealed operating surface, it is optimally protected against water and dust and perfectly suited for use in unforgiving environments.
The trackpoint and two mouse buttons render an additional mouse superfluous. With its backlight function, the keyboard can easily be operated in dark environments as well.
The keyboard is available with a PS/2, USB, or optionally also RS232 connection.

The integrated card reader with 16-key pin pad and display, features automatic smart card type recognition and realises a data transfer rate of 420 KB/s from the reader to the card.
The 2 line x 16 character display has a backlight which can be switched on and off if required.

The keyboard with a card reader meets the requirements of the MIL-STD 810F standard while reaching the IP54 protection level.

Technial Specification Keyboard

  • 89-eys (emulates 101/102 Key-Keyboard for Windows)
  • PS/2 compatible trackpoint and mousebutton
  • Backlight for working in dark environment or at night (can be switched on and off)
  • Lift of key: 2 mm
  • Lifetime > 1 million actuations

Technical Specification Cardreader

  • Class 2 Cardreader with display
  • Display with 2 x 16 rows (lighting can be switched on- and off)
  • Pin Pad with 16 keys
  • Smart Card interfaces: Supports T=1, T=0, I²C, SLE4432/42 (S=10), SLE4418/28 (S=9)
  • Automatical detection of Smart Card types
  • Supports Smart Cards with 5 V, 3 V and 1,8 V power supply
  • Transfer rate from reader to card with 420 KBits per second
  • Short circuit - and overheating protected
  • Compliance / certification: Microsoft WHQL, EMV2000, ISO 17816, HBCI, USB 2.0, Common Criteria EAL 3+, PKI compliant API: PC/SC, CT-API, CCF
  • PC/SC driver support: Windows®98, Windows®ME, Windows®2000, Windows®XP, Linux®