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Update: Delays in delivery / price increase

Dear business partners,

with this update we would like to draw your attention to the continuing difficult global supply situation.

Currently, the component shortage situation is getting worse, affecting almost all raw materials, electronic components, especially batteries and transport capacities. In addition, to price increases, we are also confronted with delivery times, some of which are significantly longer and change at short notice. To ensure the general ability to deliver, roda has a basic stock of basic components. However, components for customer-specific IT solutions are not covered by this.

According to the estimation of our partners, this uncertain supply situation will continue over the next six to twelve months, i.e. probably until mid-2022.

Therefore, we must inform you that existing offers may have to be reissued after the expiry of the validity with regard to prices and delivery times. Due to the current global supply situation, we are forced to adjust our prices by a maximum of 10%. In general, the validity of offers is only for a maximum of 2 months.

Please order with the delivery dates offered in order to avoid misunderstandings later on. 

We will do our utmost to provide you with the best possible service despite all difficulties. 
We thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding.

Frank Scholz, CEO