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Category: Display

Which touch screen driver should I install?

All DP860UX15 models have the touch screen DP5100 controller. Updated drivers are available in the Download Center on our website. 

I run my DP860 on a PC with DVI output, why doesn't my touch screen work?

This is not an error. The additional functions of the DP860 are not provided in the DVI pin assignment. The signal pins not used by the DP860 are used for the additional functions. The additional functions can only be used with a roda computer. When using the VGA connector, this is used together with the USB, sound, and serial cable. The serial port is intended for special options and is currently not in use. The combination DVI & additional cable for USB and sound doesn't work.

Is it possible to connect the DP860 to a VGA output of any laptop using a VGA-DVI adaptor, for use as an external monitor?

No, for this, the DP860UX15 has a VGA input. Only DVI signals can be fed in via the DVI cable.

For all computers without DP-DVI (roda standard), the connection must be established via a single link DVI cable! 

How do I remove existing touchscreen drivers?
Notebooks Tablets Display Handheld DK886EX DR886EX

Drivers that have been executed through a setup are uninstalled using the software manager. To do this, open Start > Control Panel > Software. Then, select the driver you wish to uninstall and click the "Uninstall" button. In most cases, it is recommended to reboot the operating system after uninstalling drivers/software; some files can only be deleted after a reboot. 

Where can I find driver XY for an older device
Tablets Handheld DA05+ Display LR6 LX6 DK886EX DR886EX LR11 DR10 DK10 DT10 LR7 RK10 RF9 RK9 RT886EX RK886EX RF886EX RF10 RS11

All drivers are stored on our web server. If the model is no longer listed in the default directory, the drivers have been moved to the "legacy_models" folder.

Go to downloads. 

How do I find out which touch screen I have?
Notebooks Tablets Display DK886EX DR10 DK10 DT10 RF9 RK9 RT9 RT886EX RK886EX RF886EX RS11

The touchscreen controller is indicated on the type label on the back of the device. 

How do I install the UPDD?
Notebooks Tablets Display Handheld DK886EX DR886EX DR10 DK10 DT10 RF9 RT9 RT886EX RK886EX RF886EX RF10 RS11

Before installing the UPDD (Universal Pointer Device Driver), existing drivers for the touch screen which you wish to install must first be uninstalled. Then, run the setup and select the touch screen you wish to install. With serial touch screens, the correct COM port must be selected. This is usually COM4 for roda Tablet PCs and COM1 for roda Notebooks. (Afterwards, additional touchscreens can be added or existing ones removed and modified.)

After successful installation, the UPDD icon appears in the SysTray's context menu with which, among other things, the touch screen can be calibrated.