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Filename Info Modified
.. ..
01_Chipset 01_Chipset No files
02_VGA 02_VGA No files
03_Audio 03_Audio No files
04_Intel_ME 04_Intel_ME No files
05_Intel_Rapid_Storage_Technology 05_Intel_Rapid_Storage_Technology No files
06_USB3.0 06_USB3.0 No files
07_LAN 07_LAN No files
08_Touch Pad 08_Touch Pad No files
09_Device_Power_Manager 09_Device_Power_Manager No files
10_Bluetooth 10_Bluetooth No files
11_WLAN 11_WLAN No files
12_GPS(u-blox) 12_GPS(u-blox) No files
13_TPM 13_TPM No files
14_WWAN(MC8305 HSPA module) 14_WWAN(MC8305 HSPA module) No files
15_Touchscreen 15_Touchscreen 1 File
16_DLDS_LAN 16_DLDS_LAN 1 File
17_USB_to_COM 17_USB_to_COM 1 File