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roda acquires the shares of WESTEK

German specialist for rugged defence IT-equipment roda computer GmbH acquires the shares of WESTEK TECHNOLOGY Ltd (UK)

After many years in a strong trading partnership with Westek Technology Ltd., who specializes in high performance custom rugged computer platforms, roda can confirm the completed acquisition of Westek Technology Ltd. (100% Shareholding).

Through this acquisition, roda computer strengthens and expands its product portfolio and development capabilities, extending its product range with high-performance integrated systems, building on roda’s long demonstrated heritage as a global mission-proven solutions provider within defence programs.

One of the many Westek Technology core capabilities, that will enhance the partnership is the design and manufacture of liquid cooled as well as fan cooled, high performance rugged IT-products. This partnership will also provide new access to prioritized geographic markets, and brings synergies in competences and capabilities.

Together, roda computer and Westek Technology will be a greater force in providing custom rugged IT and electronic systems for defence programs of the armed forces both domestically and internationally.

WESTEK Technology Ltd. will remain independent and will be able to drive its growth through this important step.

“This strategic acquisition is one that makes great sense to all parties and will bring synergetic added value both internally and to our global customers. I am extremely proud that Westek has joined the roda family and excited to realise opportunities for both organisations who are already delivering real value to the global market, this will inevitably increase and accelerate as we join forces. This is a great step forward in the history of our organisation and one that will enhance the strides the business has been making to create amazing experiences for all involved with Westek Technology and now roda computer”, says James Pickles, Managing Director of Westek Ltd.

Martin Bertsch, founder and CEO roda computer added “It makes fun to cooperate with this highly motivated team in Westek and this team will be the guarantor for further growth. I look very optimistic in the common future. With James Pickles as Managing Director, Westek has a very ambitious and professional acting leader.”