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Science instead of fiction

what makes us truly tough.
Science instead of fiction

what makes us truly tough.
Science instead of fiction

what makes us truly tough.

Test procedures

Three stages of testing

The "ruggedness" test consists of three phases:

1 In-house or independent laboratory tests

Even if the standard requires them to do so, some commercial vendors fail to perform the required tests. In contrast to other manufacturers, all roda computers are tested by accredited test laboratories. The special demands we place on the ruggedness of our products are cemented firmly in our company processes.

2. Field tests (validation / verification) by the end customer

Laboratory tests cannot fully simulate real application conditions, which is why the military insists on field trials.

3. Tested ruggedness

Even laboratory tests and field trials together cannot fully cover the conditions in the "real world". Actual applications during emergencies form the ultimate test of ruggedness.

And additionally

roda computer's particularly impressive ruggedness!

roda computer products are designed for an exceptionally long service life. In contrast to general IT products, which are obsolete after just 1–2 years, roda produces computers that are in constant use for 7, or sometimes even up to 10, years. This additionally means that we offer an exceptional level of support. When developing our IT systems, we make sure that a simple MidLife upgrade in "form fit and function" is possible. This makes it possible to comply with new standards and meet future system requirements.
Our customers use our products for an exceptionally long time, which means that we are committed to going the "extra mile" when it comes to service life.



Standards offer examiners some leeway. Which tests are actually performed can be decisive, depending on the potential application.